PREACT Business Intelligence

PREACT Business Intelligence for a project oriented company

It is important for a project oriented company to measure on the right KPI. As for example the possibility to monitor capacity and the hour production. Other important KPI´s could be ETC, WIP

, Overrun, Billing rate and coverage.

Also it-is of great importance that you setup a guided analysis for the users to do the right analysis and to be able to do a Drill-down. You also need to make sure the all employees are working with the same numbers, and that the solution you are giving to them includes One version of the truth.

But nothing really creates good user experience and adoption if the dashboards don´t have the right visualizations and an easy to use interface.

It is truly important to have the right tools to create insights and knowledge, on which you can make decisions from. Preact is a company that know how to value data – knowing how to assemble the right data in comprehensive and visual strong dashboards can be the key to make a difference, growth and development in your business.

Preact has for many years been working with project oriented companies like law firms, Engineering Consultants, Management & IT Consultants, Agencies, Architects

and Accounting Firms. The consultants of the company really know how to guide and advice their customers, and therefore when the customers choose a insight solution their allready start at 80%, and the rest of the project time will be used to give advice and the customer will get more value sooner.

Due to the industry knowledge of Preact, all the dashboards in their insight solutions are pre-build with best practice visualization technics, and it is simple to use for any employees in the company.

Many BI solutions have problems with the adoption of the solution, because many solutions have too many funtionality and the users have difficulties to find the right information that they can take action on. Preact insight solutions are build to give the users exact the right information for them to take actions upon, and the dashboards are build for ease of use.

The platform is both web-based and App based. It is important to meet the different users on the right platform, end users have very different behaviour patterns. You can basically say that you have 3 different groups of users with very different behaviours – information consumers insight creators and the data scientists. The information consumer has limited time and understanding of analysis, and therefore the information needs to be delivered quick, userfriendly and be very actionable. The insight creator has to have to possibility to build own reports and dashboards and to share them with other users and user groups. The data scientist need to be able to create different new rules and dataset, and it must be possible to connect to other data sources than the cubes and the datawarehouse.

Preact solution are build to enhance the users possibility to make insight simple and to make the right value creating actions. We want to make insight simple and create value by delivering a industry specific designed solution.

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