Trip into the wine world

Here is the story about my latest adventure within the wine world. My name is Patrick, and I have always been a great fan of expensive and high quality wines. My focus has always been on the wine. Just until recently, when one of my friends told me about the importance of the proper wine glass. I have never really understood the meaning of even thinking about the wine glasses, until I have been introduced to this new chapter of my wine journey.

On a trip to Italy, one of my Italian friends tought me how crucial the right wine glass is in terms of creating the best wine experience. We had the trip of our lifetime together with dozen of greatest Italian wines. We tried lots of different wines: Barolo, Amarone, Chianti and many more. We visited lots of wineries to explore how the wines were produced. Also, at these wineries we were presented for lots of different wine glasses – some more expensive than others. My friend, who is an Italian sommelier and wine expert, insisted to bring his own wine glasses to different wine tastings that we also visited. To my friend the choice of wine glasses was simple: The name is Zalto. These wine glasses are Austrian glasses with roots in Venice. I was explained that the Zalto glasses are all handmade and mouthblown, and they are all of the finest crystal glass. To begin with, I was pretty sceptic, but I quickly realised that the wine really do taste better in a Zalto glass.

This experience has completely changed my perception of wine glasses: The wine really unfolds all its taste nuances and flavors in this type of wine glass. Whether it is the red wine glass, white wine glass or champagne glasses the whole experience feels better. When I came back from Italy, I said immediately to my wife that we really had to purchase these glasses. My wife was naturally skeptic, but she also had to admit that the difference was crucial.

This new glassware, my new favorite toy, is now an important part of the ’wine interior’ in our home. We even have a water glass from Zalto too. They are so extremely thin, so it feels like you are ’flying’, when you drink from these glasses. My recent extension of my collection is a wine decanter. The wine decanter can kind of prepare the wine, so the taste of the wine becomes even more visible. Also, it really looks nice on the table.

I have to say that I really advice my friends and my network to pay attention to the importance of the proper wine glass and wine accessories in general. Why use lots of money on expensive wines, if the wine does not express its full potential? This has kind of become my way of thinking – and the wine experience has never been better. It is not only about the quality of the wine – it is the quality of the overall wine experience.